My 2010 Garden, An Early Start

In 1993, after ten years of putting up with the whims of various ranchers over the terms and restrictions on our hunting leases, Layla and I decided to purchase our own ranch. We did and have sixteen years of enjoyment to show for it.

Now, both retired, we have expanded our interests. One of mine is gardening. Between church, my Grandchildren’s sports, my writing and blogging and playing Senior Softball, I find it very relaxing playing in the dirt!

Last year, except for onions, wild garlic and spinach, the tremendous amount of rain we experienced during the spring and summer, for all practical purposes, ruined the garden! However, hope prevails, and this year, I got an earlier start than before.

Last Monday, I pruned the 3, peach trees and then, on Wednesday, I got real busy and planted 82, Texas 1015’s and 40 Bermuda onions.

After planting the onions, I tilled both the large and small gardens and right on schedule, it started raining Thursday morning and Friday’s forecast is for snow! Spinach and turnips are next to plant.

Speaking about snow, this would be our third this winter. Remember, we live in central Texas, not Montana.