Morning Walks, June 27, 2009

June 30th through July 3rd, Layla and I will be gone to Liberty, Kansas to where I’ll be playing in the SPA Midwestern Championship, Senior Softball Tournament. The Texans, after winning State in Dallas two weeks ago, should do well in this one.

My morning walk last Saturday was pretty uneventful, but I had to stop and get a picture of this beautiful, mare feeding. It’s easy to see that she hadn’t foaled yet.

Then, in the shadows, several hundred yards later, one doe showed herself long enough for me to get a “shot”.

The walk didn’t get exciting until I got home. I still hadn’t taken my ball cap off and I went to the side of our house to move a sprinkler, and on the way, bumped into a hanging plant. With my ball cap pulled down and looking at the sprinkler, I never saw the plant and never saw what was resting among the leaves.

After moving the sprinkler, I walked to the back door and felt something crawling on my neck. I reached up and swatted, what I thought was a june bug, but turned out to be a tarantula. After the swat, it landed on the porch and I had Layla get me a sack real fast and using a broom, coaxed it into the sack. Sack and tarantula were carried out to the cow lot and I shook the big spider out on the ground. Their bite, more like a bee sting, is only dangerous to a human if you’re allergic to the venom, but seeing the big, hairy spider, that was on the back of my neck, certainly made my heart beat at an aerobic level!