Morning Walk, May 13, 2011

Walking outside Monday morning I was greeted by a temp of 72 and the sun was 5 minutes away from peeking over the horizon.  Starting out, walking through the feedlot, flies were everywhere, before dropping me off they convoyed me for a quarter of a mile, at least.  Luckily, no bitin’ flies!  Several deer flushed around me, but I was just too slow getting the camera up!

The first thing that I saw of interest and was able to take a picture of was cow number 76 (71 is on its right ear) and she had tangled with a prickly pear, ouch!  Walking toward her, she threw her head, and luckily, the tuna, or nopal, that’s the leaf, flew off, saving the cow a real sore mouth.  Generally cows won’t eat prickly pear tuna unless the spines are burned off, but in drought conditions, like we’re in now, we may have to burn off the spines because the tuna are good sources of food and moisture for livestock.

About a half mile later, 2 deer popped up and stood around for me to get this “shot” of them and not liking what they were seeing, took off toward the thick stuff, but too late for me to switch to video.

Both “shots” confirm how dry it’s been around here, the grass should be green and growing, but it has been a real dry spring!  However, this turned out to be a good walk, good exercise, saw some deer, got 2 “shots” and, with the humidity, worked up a good sweat!