Morning Walk, June 21, 2011

Getting up yesterday morning and looking outside, of all things it was raining, a nice shower, but it barely moved the rain gauge.  This shower also put a halt to my morning walk, but big things are happening today because at 5:16 PM, the sun stops!  Not really stops, but the declination of the sun, it’s apparent movement south on the horizon, appears to stop before reversing back to the north (I think).  Today’s also Brad’s birthday, he would have been fifty.

Summer solstice and all, I was up early for my walk and as I glanced over at the water trough, there were two deer, taking the “shot” and thinking this would be a good movement day for them put an additional spring in my step.

After getting home and displaying the “shot”, to my surprise, two small ones, obviously born maybe six weeks ago, were hunkered down beside Mom.  Retitling my “shot” to “Three Generations Of Deer”, may be in order.

As I walked back in the side door, I was buzzed by one of our barn swallows.  They are very protective of their young and get quite offensive whenever Layla and I come near their nests.  The go berserk whenever Bo or Spike come around.  Always thinking that mockingbirds do the biggest number on pets, these little guys are poison and far exceed
mockers in aggressiveness!

Last year, this barn swallow looked so “cute” sitting up in a dead tree.

This morning, the one that buzzed me was all movement, the camera shutter wasn’t fast enough to stop it.