Morning Walk, July 31, 2009

Rain on Wednesday and Thursday morning mornings washed out on my morning walks. We had almost one and a half inches total. While the rest of our great State is suffering through a class four drought, this year we have already exceeded our yearly total and late fall and winter are our “rainy season”.

Friday’s walk produced pictures of six different does, but no horns or fawns.

The first one was just as I left my driveway and when I took the “shot”, in the distance another one popped up.

Looking to my right another was checking me out and within three hundred yards another one                        

Then walking back to my house and passing my hog trap, which was baited, but empty, there were two does behind it. One was almost hidden by the underbrush.

These early morning walks are fun, seeing so much wildlife is neat and, just think, it is even a healthful thing to do!