Morning Walk, July 16, 2008

Each morning I get up around 6:00 AM and go out and walk a mile plus. Most days it is already warming up, some days it’s cold, some, very rarely, it’s raining and I stay in. Today was bright and clear, so walking outside and enjoying the rising sun, I thought to myself, take the camera, you might see something of interest.


The next thing I knew, here came Bo, our cat. Bo is fearless and extremely protective of his territory. Last week he successfully drove off a large dog that had strayed into our yard Note Bo’s lack of a tail. It fell victim to a fan belt! And, right behind him came Spike, the wonder dog!


They began walking with me and I snapped this picture.

They walked on for several hundred yards, then their short attention spans kicked in. Bo started hunting and Spike sat and rested for a while.

So much for today’s walk, but, from now on, I’m taking a camera with me.