Morning Walk, July 14, 2011

This past Monday, the sun was just peeking over the horizon when I turned on to the County road beginning my one and a half mile morning walk.  Not having walked in almost two weeks, who knows what I’ll see this morning?  Not two hundred yards into my walk, looking toward my left, as I turned back to my right, a spotted fawn ran into the thick stuff and I was too slow to get a “shot”!

Walking on and bemoaning my loss of a pic of a spotted fawn, looking down a sendero I saw, with tail raised a doe with two, fawn, preparing for a quick departure.  The fawn on the left, finding out later when I transferred the pictures, that its tail was raised too.  All three took off in a sprint, but my hurried “shot” captured their escape.

Walking to my turn around point, nothing else was stirring, so I began heading back.  Soon, in the road ahead, a cardinal (northern cardinal) lit, I’m sure looking for some small pebbles.  It pecked around until I walked too close, then took off.

Getting this “shot” of the cardinal and not expecting anything else, all of a sudden, a male dove (mourning dove), sharp tail and all, lit on a utility wire close to me.  As I walked past, it kept sitting there.  I guess he was enjoying the morning?

Not many “shots” on this walk, but at least I worked up a good sweat!