Morning Walk, August 28, 2010

Last Thursday morning I was up before the sun, got all of my stuff on and took off for my morning walk. Walking outside, wow, where am I? The temp was 72 and yesterday’s high was around 109, only a 37, degree difference! A cool front in late August, of all things! Only in Texas!

No deer in the feed lot beside my house, the same feed lot that in 2008, in my post “[The Haystack Buck]”, I shot a nice buck. In the half-light, about half way into my walk, noticing movement on the right, whirling, this blurry “shot” of a deer was the results.

Walking on, in all of the likely haunts, there were no deer, no varmints, no nuthin’ but my neighbor’s llama, the same one that was so interested two days ago, just turned his back and started grazing.

Dropping off my camera in the old, ranch house and walking over to our new one, out in the cut, hay field, there was about a dozen deer grazing. They were not paying any attention to me and without the camera, no “shots”. But, at least, even with the cool temps, I worked up a sweat and got in some good exercise.