Morning Walk, April 20, 2011

Yesterday, although I was a little late, 8:00 AM, I started this year’s round of morning walks.  An earlier start would have provided some pictures of wild game, however I only saw one doe hightailing it away from me, but as I walked along, I noticed a lot of split and cracked mesquite trees.

Last week, preceding the big front that brought the disastrous, killer tornadoes across the south, we had some really big winds, 50 to 60 MPH, topped off by a brief thunderstorm that left pea sized hail and 7/8 inch of rain, praise the Lord for the moisture.  After the storm I noticed the biggest mesquite tree on the ranch, probably 80 years old, had been split. But it wasn’t until yesterday when I walked around and saw that the mesquite trees had been hit very hard.  The big tree and a lot of the other mesquites looked like they had been split by downdrafts, which they probably were.

Above is the big tree, split almost down the middle and it had another limb, higher up, broken off.

More pictures of the broken mesquites.
One good thing and one bad came out of this storm, there’ll be a lot of firewood that will be easy to get to and the bad, just think it’s only April!