More Outdoors Pictures, November 3, 2010

The following pictures are from my (only) game camera, since one is away in Alabama getting fixed.

Early in the morning on October 25th, two coons showed up for an early breakfast, then on the 27th another coon, and what looks like a cat of some kind showed up. This probably isn’t a bobcat because it would have attacked the coon, maybe a ringtail, but its head isn’t shaped right. My guess is a house cat, but what’s it doing inside of a deer feeder and I don’t think cats eat corn, anyway it scooted before the next “shot” was taken?
Here is a little cottontail.

Then on the 29th, five deer showed up including a young, buck with an already nice spread to its horns. In the background may be my melanistic deer?

A little later the same day, the buck was gone, but 7 deer replaced them and got “shot”. It looks like the melanistic deer moved up and is browsing beside the fence. There’s still so many acorns on the ground the deer are just topping off with corn.

Last night was cloudy with, and like today, a good chance of rain, in fact during the evening we had .3 inches, the wind blew from the north at around 25 with bigger winds forecasted on Thursday. It’s supposed to “fair” off by Saturday morning, the opening of rifle, deer season around here, with light winds and temps in the mid 40’s. I can hardly wait!