More Outdoors Pictures, May 26, 2013

Two weeks ago, before I had my knee surgery, Colton, Mike and I went down to the coast and fished for 3 days, not much catching, but a lot of fun!  This picture of me, taken by our guide, showed yours truly fighting a speckled trout.

Back to the real world, Goldthwaite that is, we’ve had a lot of rain, hopefully the drought is broken, but during the dry spell in early April to mid May, this buzzard showed up at the water trough.  That’s a first, a buzzard getting a drink.

Then, on May 22nd, a hen turkey came by one of the corn/protein feeders.  The clock should read AM.

On May 24th, this buck, now 4-1/2 years old, see my post of May 13, “A Kinda’ Special Buck”, is feeding at the same feeder the turkey used earlier.  The buck, now rapidly growing his horns, will be a great one this year! Again, the clock should read AM.