More Outdoors Pictures, March 23, 2011

On our ranch last week, a great tragedy occurred, exact date unknown, with a cow trying to eat one of my game cams, resulting in no pictures from it.  We didn’t find the evidence until this past Saturday afternoon and quickly changed the game cams location.  Hopefully the new spot will get some great wildlife “shots”.

However, the remaining game cam placed at the corn feeder was clicking away and got some good “shots”. Of all things, first to show up was a cottontail rabbit.

The next day 5 deer showed up, but 10 days ago there was 6.  The only casualty I’ve seen around was a spike that got himself smacked by a car on the county road, but the 6 deer that were at the feeder were doe.

This next “shot” was different and this is the first time that 3 coons have showed up.   They must really be hungry, because it’s a wonder that they aren’t fighting.

Last “shot” was a squirrel climbing up one of the feeder’s legs, I’m sure trying to get to the corn thrower.  The feeder is enclosed, but I’ve seen the results of squirrels unscrewing the nut that holds the cover in place and really mess up the wires!