More Outdoors Pictures, March 18,2012

Duh!  This is a ring tail cat from Wikipedia.  Yesterday, my son Randy inquired of me by e-mail, “If I was off my rocker?”  My blog post of March 13, 2012 clearly showed a cat with a long tail that I misidentified as a ring tail cat.  Ring tails are much smaller, smaller than a house cat, and are mammals of the raccoon family, but what type of cat is coming around the feeder?

Here’s a pic of a long tailed bobcat from the web at Cryptomundo, this one clearly has a long tail, but genetics say that bobs only have short tails, who knows the real story?

However, this “shot” of a medium sized cat walking away from the feeder clearly has a long tail, probably no tufts at the end of its ears and the front and back legs are almost the same size.  Compare this to a bobcat “shot” on January 4th of this year, roughly the same size, front legs shorter, but it has a bobbed tail.
My guess as to what type of cat is coming around is either a big, domestic feline that is almost nocturnal or a bobcat, domestic cross breed, definitely not a ring tail cat!