More Outdoors Pictures, June 24,2012

It’s been over 2 weeks since we’ve had rain, but the 1.5 inches we had 2 weeks ago Thursday came in the nick of time.  Now, the hay is growing the fields are green and, with another rain, we’ll have a good crop!  However, many of the doe are still carrying fawns, 2 are pictured below.
The horns on the bucks look good and it appears we’ll have a good “horn” year.  The buck on the right is already well outside of his ears, but it looks like they’ve already gone nocturnal and they aren’t coming to the feeder either.

Finally, a fawn showed up!  Here’s one with her doe going to water.  The doe looks like she’s carrying another fawn?  If you look close on the second “shot”, the spots show.
Doe are usually fairly docile, but this one is letting the doe on the left know something is wrong.  Maybe she’s browsing on too much corn?