More Outdoors Pictures, July 30, 2013

The first “shot” is of 5 doe and 2 fawns at the corner feeder.  We have a lot of deer on the ranch, doe are sometimes a problem, but when the rut starts the bucks come in, literally from all over the county, and the fun begins!  We’ll have to shoot several doe and 2 spikes to keep up this year, to keep the deer herd from overrunning the place.

Now for the vultures, Cathartes aura, we call them buzzards around here.  On the 26th, 2 were sitting on the water trough and another dropped in.  It looks like 2 high flyers with white wing tips and one that is all black, probably an adult.  It’s been so hot around here I can see where they need a drink too!

Now for the big buck, he’s a 9 now but I bet before long he’ll be a 10.  Look at the right horn tip it’s getting bigger now ready to sprout, he’ll be a big one!  Also note that he’s already 3 plus inches outside of his ears.