More Outdoors Pictures, July 30, 2012

We got lots of fawns around here!  The doe have, and are still, dropping fawns, but that should end soon.  One thing though, we are in a drought situation, we had a small rain shower last Friday, maybe 8 or 10 drops in the rain gauge and our forecast for the next 10 days is zero rain and zero percent chance!  Who knows about fawn survival? Hearing on Fox News today that 55 percent of the country is in a severe drought, mostly in the heartland, means woe for our pocketbooks, grocery prices and especially corn prices will go up, up and up and we still have to feed the deer!

But, we still got a lot of fawns this year.  Day before yesterday evening, Layla and I were sitting out on the back porch (in 95 degree weather), musing about the heat, when the doe and their fawns started coming out, so I ran into the house and got my camera and took these pictures.

First out, a doe and her 2 fawns and the doe looked like she could have 2 more, really she’s the oldest doe on the ranch, she’s a wild one and if we get a shot, we’ll get her this hunting season.   Notice these came out by some mesquite trees.

The 2 more fawns showed up, by an oak motte, along with another deer, a young one, probably last years crop of fawns and their doe was hanging out in the thick stuff.

As it got darker, a single fawn and its mom were grazing along the fence

Almost dark, then 2 more fawns showed up and their mother doe was coming up right behind them.  At that distance, the lens wasn’t wide enough to get both the fawns and the doe in one picture.


No bucks showed up this afternoon, they’re quite camera shy, but there’s some real good ones!  This “one buck only” game law and the horns must be outside of its ears, have done wonders for the quality of the bucks.