More Outdoors Pictures, January 9, 2012

On Dec 26, (Boxing Day in some parts) 12 dove are feeding.  They sure don’t look like 12 drummers drumming either!

The big wounded deer was “shot” just after 8:00 AM on Dec 23, with a wound on his brisket.  Then he was “shot” a little after 1:00 PM (still haven’t set the clock back) on the 26th going after a doe.  Judging by the width and makeup of the horns, this is the same buck shown on Dec 23rd “shot”, however, in this picture, the wound doesn’t show, but maybe, just maybe, he shows a nick on the front left.  The “shot” on the 26th is the last time that he’s been around, hopefully, he’s survived the last week of the season!
Just after 8:00 AM a Bobcat came by the corn feeder at MaMaw’s blind on Jan 4.  Two weeks ago, I saw this one in the County Road and still I can’t tell what variety it is, my guess a female.  Two years ago, on the last day of deer season, see my post on January 3, 2010, “[Wesley Breaks The Ice]”, we both scored, he collected a nice doe and I claimed a big, male bobcat.

Probably the last spike, game cam “shots” showed we had 4 coming around the feeders, 2 have been harvested, one ran afoul of a barb wire fence, so this is the survivor.   Tuesday morning, Mickey Donahoo is coming over to try his hand on a spike or doe and his rifle is resighted in, so no miss this time (hopefully).