More Outdoors Pictures, January 14, 2011

Cleaning up some game cam pics from last year, I came across a few unusual ones.

The first is of buck and a doe.  She’s jumping out of the feeder pen, obviously going to chase after the buck!

The second one is of a squirrel climbing to the top of one of the feeder’s fence posts.  He must think there’s some corn on the top, or else it enjoys the scenery from up there.

The third is of the melanistic deer.  It showed up around noon of the 29th with a doe and another yearling.  Then, later that same afternoon it showed up with a doe and 4 other yearling.  Next year it will be much harder to keep her from being shot and, of course, I’ll tell all my hunters not to shoot her, but if she strays to another ranch, that’s another story.
Finally, Billy Hill, a new Senior Softball teammate who lives on Lake Travis outside of Austin, sent me this picture of a coyote that on December 16, 2010 was nosing around his backyard feeder.  Yes, the feeder is in his backyard, and yes, Billy hunts and has a hunting lease outside of Richland Springs, 35 miles southeast of Goldthwaite.

But if I had to guess, he doesn’t hunt deer off of this feeder.