More Outdoors Pictures, February 25, 2011

From southern Colorado, Randy Pfaff, a Pastor and a hunting guide, sent me this picture of icicles hanging off his shed.  Up there it was super cold, in the – 20’s or more.  Cold is still cold and our 7 was cold enough for me!

More pictures from the snow country.  One of Bob Baugh’s associates in Nebraska sent him this “shot” of a truly nice buck chasing a doe.  It looks cold up there too!

Finally down here in warmer climes.  It’s only February and the rattlers are out. My neighbor, James Crumley, sent me this picture of 3, “good”, rattlers.

They were holed up along a creek bank not 2 miles, as the cow flies, from my house, he gassed them, they groggily came out and he dispatched them.  He went by the spot this past Monday and another one was out sunning and he dispatched him too!