More Outdoors Pictures, December 8, 2010

Randy Pfaff sent me this picture, taken this season in the Texas Panhandle, of a fine white tail buck that scored over 160 B&C. He didn’t say where it was arrowed, but I bet it was somewhere close to Memphis, Texas. Brad and I hunted outside of Memphis in 2008 but didn’t score, however there are a lot of nice bucks, both mulies and white tails around there. My post, [“The Pheasants And Deer Were Unsupportive”] on December 14, 2008 tells the story.

Ev Sims sent me a before and after picture of his son and his pheasant hunting trip in England. The trip was a mixture of business and hunting, but we must be prepared for the hunt as the clothes show.

Their hunt was a rousing success, taking over 160 pen raised pheasants. Over 4,000 had been released earlier!

The Brits really dress up for their hunting. As is said, “Clothes make the man!”