More Outdoors Pictures, December 30, 2013

Tim Albee came over on the December 20th and shot a nice buck.  The buck, pictured, had a nice spread and almost had dual brow tines.  He turned around in MaMaw’s stand and shot the buck out of the rear window, the one we keep closed so we wont stand out and cast a shadow.

Randy was here for Christmas and hunted hard with his kids almost the entire time.  Rebekah missed a doe (again) on an afternoon hunt so luck wasn’t with her.  Wesley didn’t hunt since he got a doe the week before.

An interesting thing was Rebekah and Mikayla entering the Scotty McCurry, (I don’t know if it’s his name or not, but I should since he was the American Idol Contest winner last year) contest.  The contest was on Facebook or something like that.  They sang a “silly” country song and acted real “country”.  The funny thing was that they won the contest and Rebekah and Mikayla will get 2 tickets to his show in Dallas in the spring!

Wesley did get to go duck hunting when he went back to Paris, Texas not France.  He said that they killed 4 canvasbacks, 2 mallards and the rest was a mixture of gadwalls and widgeons.  He and his friend went and they filled out their limits.  Also, there are 2 decoys in the picture of the bag I hope they didn’t shoot them too!