More Outdoors Pictures, April 10, 2011

Last Friday, in the first inning of our first game for the day, I was on first base and the hitter behind me, hit a one hop, screamer that nailed me right on my bad knee.  The ball  missed the knee brace by a millionth of an inch and really smashed into me.

The results of this unfortunate occurrence was, it knocked me out of the year’s first tournament, ended any hopes of finally opening this years turkey season, it resulted in a doctor’s visit on Monday results being a badly bruised knee, made me limp around (and still limping), but it made me focus on last year’s income tax that I’d not even started on.  As I post this, my knee still is sensitive, but my taxes are 80% complete and I’ll take them down to my accountant tomorrow and he’ll finish them by Friday the deadline that has been extended until Monday, the 18th.  It seems un American to have a tax deadline on the 18th, but that figures for the current administration!

Barely being able to climb into my truck, late Wednesday afternoon Layla and I had gone out and picked up the game cams and no good pics had been made.  The weather has been unseasonably hot this week, but driving back to the house, a young doe was 50 feet off the road and I got this “shot” of her.  With our warm weather everything is greening up and our barn swallows have returned, but I haven’t seen any humming birds yet.

Then, just as we went through the gate, I looked over across the just plowed field and there was 3 more doe just looking at me.

Tomorrow, with my taxes completed I can concentrate on getting my knee well, turkey hunting, planting this year’s garden and soon, starting back with my morning walks!