More On My Book, June 2, 2010

On Friday, May 7, in [More About My Book], I posted remarks from two people who had read “[The End Of The Line]”. This past week I’ve run into three more folks that have read it. Listing them and their remarks out, it seems that they liked the book and the stories.

Rocky Gonzales, former Marine, retired missionary and currently a master plumber, said, “Jon, I didn’t know you were an officer until I read the book and there were a lot of good stories in it!”

Steve Bridges, owner and editor of The Goldthwaite Eagle, our weekly, local newspaper said, “I liked the book, especially all the parts about fishing with your family. I’m a big family guy too!”

Dayton House, a Preacher and youth worker said, “If you love fishing, you’ll like this book!”

Now I know that I’m getting to be a liberal because all of these comments make me feel good.