Maybe The Last Dove Hunt

On Monday afternoon, I met Mickey Donahoo, on the left, for a last minute dove hunt, because the season ends today, October 24th.  While waiting for Mickey, the landowner told me, which I already knew, that the season ended Wednesday and he thought our pickings would be slim.  He had hunted this past weekend and didn’t score too well.

We spent most of the afternoon looking at an empty sky, but there were a lot of dragonflies, and no, we didn’t shoot any.  However, passing the time Mickey told a funny story about an opening day dove hunt outside of League City, Texas.  Mickey and 2 of his friends opened the season along a power line, his friends walked several hundred yards to down the line and set up shop.  Soon there was a literal fusillade of shots coming from his friends, the shots kept popping, so finally Mickey moved down closer to them and yelled over, “How many you got”, “Eighteen” came the reply, funny he thought because he hadn’t seen any birds.  Both of his friends, into the beer, yelled back, “Dragonflies, there’s hundreds of them!”

Back to our hunt, we shot several holes in the sky, but along came a single white wing, pow, both guns roared at once, needless to say, the bird fell not 10 feet from us.  Mickey pitched the bird on to my fold out chair, saying he didn’t want to clean it.  It stayed on the chair until I looked down at it, a real pretty bird set off by the white stripe along its wing and it turned out to be the only one of the day.

So the season ended, a lot of holes in the sky, but only 11 months to go until next year!