In January of 1979 I flew from Atlanta to Tucson and met Jake Schroder and we experienced a wonderful 3 day, hunt for Mearns quail. Jake had his Brittany’s, Candy and Ned Pepper and I took my Brittany, Rooster. We enjoyed some fine dog work, some hot shooting and a lot of good fellowship! Right is Jake and Beech walking in on a covey with Candy pointing and Rooster backing.

Left is Jake and Beech walking in on a covey with Candy pointing and Rooster backing.

The trip was way too short and as I headed back to Tucson, the radio announced that a winter storm had smashed into the southeastern U.S. and travel was becoming difficult. Later, at the airport, I was told that Atlanta was closed down due to the ice, but flights were still landing.

Calling home, my ex-wife, she told me that she thought her and Brad could come pick us up in our Dodge Power Wagon, but definitely, the Buick was out of the question. That made my decision, Rooster and I would fly on in to Atlanta, the family would pick us up and we would be home by 9:00 PM.

It was a three, hour flight from Tucson to Atlanta and by the time we were preparing to land, the pilot announced that, due to icing, Mayor Maynard Jackson had closed the roads and freeways in the town. This sounded like Rooster and I would be stuck at Hartsfield International for the night.

The plane landed and I called home and, sure enough, the town was closed down, but my ex-wife said that she had gotten Rooster and I a room at the Day’s Inn, if, and a big if, I could get to it. I went to baggage to pick up my shotgun and luggage and then to the claims office to get Rooster, then I found a Red Cap to transport us to the cab station.

Luckily a cab was there and the driver told me that he could drive me the two blocks to the Day’s Inn and he would only charge $5.00, I would’ve paid $50.00. More luck, the hotel manager told me that because of the situation, he would waive the ‘no pets’ rule. He even got some scraps from the kitchen for Rooster! Telling the manager that Rooster was ‘house trained’ and I didn’t expect any problem, didn’t assure the manager, who told me that I would have to pay for any clean up.

Rooster, pictured at left, was perfect and we spent an uneventful night in the motel and by noon the next day, the storm had blown through, Mayor Jackson had lifted the travel ban and we were able to get home. The entire situation was kinda’ funny and wouldn’t have been any worry if I hadn’t had Rooster. However, he was a ‘trouper’ and since he’d spent the last 3 nights out in the open, I’m sure he enjoyed staying in the motel!