Limping Along

My September 2nd post said that I was going to Dalton, Ga. to play in the Softball Players Association, World Championships, September 3rd through the 6th, but plans have a way of changing!

Starting off, the disk on my PC crashed on August 27th and since then I have been limping along on a very old, IBM ThinkPad, model A20p.  This was one of my old PC’s years ago before I retired. Randy, my Son, almost has the new PC fixed, but I’m really limping along now.

Not feeling well on Sunday, Aughst 30th, I stayed home from Church and to be a good husband, made our Sunday dinner.  By the time I had finished preparations, my left to side began to hurt, didn’t stop or lessen, only increased and by 3:30 PM I was flat on my back, on the way to the hospital in Hamilton, Texas.  I was really limping along!

A CAT scan showed a large kidney stone, 1 cm, lodged in my urethra and by then, because of its size, it wasn’t going anywhere.  Early Monday morning I was transferred to Scott and White in Temple, and prior to the removal of the stone, a stent was run up into my kidney.  Thursday was set for the doctor to go in and “blast” the stone with a laser.  Amazing what docs can do now!  Just think, if obamacare becomes the law, I would have been given pain pills and turned out to die!  I’m getting everything fixed that needs fixing as soon as I can!

Obviously no softball tournament, no morning walks and not much of anything else for me, except that dove season opened on September 1st.  Missing the morning shoot, to give time for all of the drugs to clear my system, Mickey Donahoo and I drove down to San Saba and after a very hard hunt with a lot of stooping and bending over to pick up the shotgun shells and doves, I called it quits early.

Here’s Mickey heading out to his shooting spot.

All of this with a stent in my kidney and needless to say, my doctor wasn’t impressed.  He did ask how we did and I told him that we got a mix of sixteen white wings, mourners and ring necks, using only twenty-five shells.

There is a big size difference in the doves.  The ring neck is on the bottom, white wing in the middle and a mourner on top, graphically showing their sizes.Last Thursday the doctor “blasted” the stones, but to promote healing, kept the stent in for another week.  My PC is still out so I’ll be limping along with the stent and old PC for a few more days

.About The Texans, through the round robin phase of the big tournament, they were seeded number one, however they returned to their sloppy ways and quickly lost two games and were eliminated.  As the old softball saying goes, “Oh and two and barbcue!”  They are limping along back to our fine State now and will try to salvage the year in Phoenix, in October.