Jalapeno Quail

My years of Quail hunting in Arizona, Georgia and Texas have been wonderful and even better is a dish that I accidentally, through trial and error, invented, “Jalapeno Quail”.

As the name implies, the ingredients are Quail legs, however, Dove, Bull Frog, Teal or Woodcock legs can be substituted. However, I do find large Duck, Goose or Pheasant, legs too tough.

Depending on how many legs, one or two jalapenos, sectioned into 1/8 inch slices, sliced garlic pods or a copious amount of Garlic powder, ½ to one full stick of butter (no margarine!). You can’t use too much garlic or jalapenos!

Clean and wash the legs and prepare your ingredients. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after slicing the jalapenos! Melt the butter in a cast iron skillet, and when melted, add all of the ingredients at once and simmer, covering the skillet with a lid, for 10 minutes, then stir and turn the mixture, recover and cook until done.

Feeds as many as you have legs for. Small legs are very good served as an appetizer. Frog legs can be a main course.

Best if served hot, but be sure and eat all of the ingredients, peppers, garlic and all!

Wash your hands thoroughly before the meal to remove any jalapeno residue because it really burns when you get it in your eyes!