Hogs, March 23, 2009

Six weeks ago I posted a story and pictures about hog depredations on my property, namely a torn up fence and significant rooting around the cattle feed lot. Two points worked against me. Hogs are nocturnal and to keep the cattle out, my deer feeders have heavy fencing around them and because of this, my hunting efforts have gone for naught.
However, a friend made me the hog trap in the picture that, I believe, will do the job. It was made out of scrap, steel pipe and excess, hog wire panels.

Another view of the trap, now set and awaiting the bait, clearly shows hog rootings to the right of the trap.
A closer look at the rootings on their trail to the feed lot.

An old hog trapper gave me the “sure fire” recipe for a no nonsense dish that hogs can’t refuse. Saturday, I filled a 5, gallon bucket half full of corn and covered it with water. Sunday afternoon, it was already smelling and I added more water. I was careful to make this mixture inside of the high fence around my garden, where nothing can get to it.

My “sour mash” and stirrer laying next to it.Corn really soaks up the water and with the winds we’re having, the hogs can smell it for a mile or more! If I were to sprinkle corn up to and into the trap, I would probably catch all kinds of varmints and the trap would spring before the hogs entered.

Late this afternoon, I’ll pour my “sour mash” over the door release and when hogs rush into the trap to enjoy this treat, they’ll step on the release, the door will slam shut and success!

At least that’s my plan.