Haney’s Ranch – Fixin The Barn

The spring before Brad joined the Army, he and I went up to help Rick repair his barn and, since it was very comfortable for early spring, both nights we slept out on the “sleeping porch”. The screened in porch was on 2 sides of Rick’s old ranch house. I noticed that Rick was sleeping with his AC roaring, but said nothing to him about it. Maybe it covered up our snoring!

The next morning, sunrise found us along a creek, in a makeshift blind, making hen Turkey sounds. Brad leans over to me and whispers, “Dad, did you hear those animals bumping around under Rick’s house last night?” Whispering back, “Yes, Son. It sounded like someone walking around the porch, or a herd of ‘Dillos!” (‘Dillos is Texican for Armadillo.) I continued “They were “bumping” right around my bed.”

The second night there was more “bumping around” but barely waking, we both slept right through it. As we were leaving for Houston, I mentioned to Rick, “You need to trap those animals under your house and close up where they are getting in.” His short reply was, “I’m going to.”