Goin’ Back

Hopefully, while this is being read, I’ll be tied on to a big red or trout in some bay around the Corpus Christi area. Two weeks ago Randy invited me to go with him on a fishing trip around Corpus, he’s mixing business with pleasure, his church, Bay Area Fellowship, is having a staff meeting and one of the staff invited him to go wade fishing. He immediately called me and “we” accepted.

Goin’ back to wade fish in the bay, even though it’s not Galveston Bay, is exciting for me because I know there’s some really great spots around Corpus, but I have no idea where we’re headed.  I’ll stop Layla by the airport in Killeen, she’s off to Pensacola to run a Senior Softball tournament, then drive on down to Corpus and meet Randy and his fellow Pastors for lunch on Wednesday, then we’ll be fishing on Thursday, hence this post.

My last go at salt water, fishing was just before I retired and it’s on my post, “[One Last Trip]”, of June 1, 2008. Hopefully, this trip will be successful like the last one!