Going through all of my “shots” from the game cams the hogs were definitely becoming a nuisance.  They’re starting to roam and root all over the place, but it’s funny, no “shots” of them at the water trough, where I’d expect to spot them.  Having previously reported them at one of the feeders, I had a real good idea where the pigs were coming on to my ranch, they continued to show up at that particular feeder and here’s a “shot” of 3 in the wee hours of the morning.  As far as I can tell, only 3 feral pigs have found their way in here.

My best guess, the hogs were using a nice hole in the fence, along County Road 406, plenty big enough for a hog to get through.  This particular hole, I’d been fixin’ to patch it for the past year.  In Texas if a person uses the term fixin’ that means the project has been duly noted and it will get it done sometime, or it can mean getting ready to do something, or go somewhere, so it was way past time for me to get the fence fixed!

As far as fixin’ the fence, things were at a standstill, but changed for the worse when the game cam got a “shot” of this hogette, or sow, if she hadn’t “farrowed” before she would be called a “gift”!  This one, definitely a sow, is a hog factory, capable of producing a litter of piglets every 108 to 130 days!

Here’s the completed job, fence fixed with a stout hog wire panel, but the trail, presumably used by the hogs is blocked, this was a favored deer entry place too, now I have to get busy and lay up some hog meat for the winter!

An interesting note, I had placed a hog trap near the fence pictured above, but after catching a deer and a calf in it, I moved the trap and didn’t put any attractant in it.