Sun up Saturday morning found Mickey Donahoo and I again in the field north of San Saba, awaiting the early morning dove flight, but this time we had equalizers, one was my 12 year old grandson, Wesley, pictured, visiting from Paris, Texas, who’d run down the doves and the other was a motorized, dove decoy, pictured below.

This device worked wonders with both white wings and mourners, but no ring necks came around.  We still had the problem of doves sneaking in on us, catching us unawares and then, us putting a few holes in the sky as they departed.

Our overall score for the morning was 6 mourning and 4 white wing dove.  The picture below shows nine birds, but I had already breasted one.

By a long shot, ten birds for a two, hour hunt isn’t up to previous years scores, but this year’s heat drove us in early.  Anyway, we all had to be back to Goldthwaite by 10:00 AM.