Dove Season Opens

Dove season opened on Sunday, September 1st, and between Church, going out to eat and napping, of course, I didn’t get any birds. Besides, the annual hunt in San Saba didn’t pan out because the landowner sold the place. Early Monday morning (3:30 AM) I was driving over to Killeen for Layla to catch an early flight to Atlanta. No birds on Monday either!

Having limited success on Tuesday afternoon, I did get one bird that came into the MOJO dove. Wednesday was dedicated to shopping in Temple, Thursday to getting my truck and the Jeep serviced, then there’s a JV football game in the afternoon.

Friday will be my day to really open the season. A lot of birds are using my pasture to feed, no crop this year because of the anticipated drought, but we’ve had rain at all the right time, I even had some red top grass come up unexpectedly from the seeds planted last year!

We’ll see though how it goes.