Deer Season, November 25, 2011

Deer hunting on Wednesday was hampered by for, it cleared up momentarily around 8:30, but really didn’t lift until almost noon!  An old hunters tale says that deer don’t move around much when it’s foggy, from the low volume of shots heard, this must be right.  The picture shows a slight break in the fog.

Wesley and I went out early on Thanksgiving morning and had a little action, several doe came around the corn feeder out from MaMaw’s blind, he got a shot, but missed and the doe hurried off.  This yearling doe came and cleaned up the corn and protein and the squirrel got into the action of cleaning up too, but the big doe that came in with it only showed once with no clear shot.

The longer we stayed in the blind, the slower the action got.  The first “shot” shows a female cardinal, then a male showed, then they move closer together.

Finally, we came in before lunch, a grand banquet of food complete with jalapeno dressing (YUM), a fat hen, a brisket, cranberry sauce, a hominy casserole (YUM), fruit salad, followed by numerous pies, the highlight of which was a pecan pie made by Brad’s son, Bradley.  This pie is an old recipe, perfected by Brad and was the highlight of many past Thanksgivings.

Another highlight was Bradley Scott Bryan III, age one month.  This “shot” shows 4 generations of Bryan’s, Bradley III, Bradley Jr., Randy, and Jon.