Deer Season, January 1, 2012

This year’s white tail deer season ended this past Sunday afternoon and for my family it was a huge success.  Colton and Randy scored with real nice bucks, Tim Allbee, one of Brad’s friends, picked up a spike and overall we harvested 5 doe.

Mickey Donahoo kicked things off with one of our Goldthwaite footballers, scoring on a spike.  Here’s a game cam “shot” of the hunter and the spike.

Three weeks later, Randy out waited a nice buck, shot him, then, with a neighbors help found the buck the next morning.  Check out my post, [“Deer Season, November 27, 2011, (Perseverance)”].

Here’s the buck, tucked in a small clearing, where Spike the wonder Dachshund, closely followed by Wesley found him.

Almost a month later, Colton and I out waited this very good, old, buck.  Several game cam “shots” showed that he’d been showing up at the corn feeder at MaMaw’s Blind around 7:30 AM, so over the Christmas holidays we decided to concentrate on that spot.  It paid off and on Christmas Eve, right on time, Colton nailed him, one shot with my .270, dropping him in his tracks!  Look at the post on “[Deer Season, December 26, 2011″].

On a sadder note, the spike that Rebekah missed, later was jumping a fence, on the way over got his foot caught in the top 2 wires and wasn’t found until a week ago.  Here’s the spike in healthier times.