Deer Season, December 2, 2012

It’s been hot, dry and windy for a couple of days, no rain for 3 weeks, we are way behind on rainfall this year and I’ve not spent too much time in the deer blinds and stands, however on November 30th I went out and sat in a tree stand and the results surprised me.  It’s been hot too, up around 80 and I worked up a good sweat walking out the stand.

Surprising results because walking our toward the stand, I came upon this track, a coyote track, right in the middle of the road and I might add, this track was on top of my tire tracks.  I had driven down this road probably 3 hours earlier to replace the memory cards in my game cameras, I knew it was a coyote track because they are rounded on the toes and a dog’s are more pointed, but this coyote choose to walk around in the middle of the day.  It was headed toward the water trough, I still have a game camera there and it’ll be interesting to see if he went to water.

Taking a picture of the track, I placed the camera into my camo hoodie and climbing into the stand, I must have changed the setting on it for very negative results!  Being in the stand for less than an hour, along came this fine 8 pointer.  He’s been hanging around for a month or more chasing doe, in fact, I watched him for several minutes this past Monday morning chasing a doe right in my front yard!

Here’s a “shot” of him in a game cam in better days, better days, because he had broken off a brow tine plus one of his main tines and he was noticeably limping.  Getting out my camera, taking a picture of him, I noticed that checking for the picture, it wasn’t there?  Then I checked the camera and somehow I’d set it on night exposure, so I didn’t get a picture of this wounded, limping buck.