Deer Season, 2011

This year’s deer season opened with less than a “bang” around here.  With high winds from the south, a cold front packing severe thunderstorms lingering just north and west of us and still suffering from the effects of a disastrous, year long drought, out pickins’ were slim and, to top that off, the rut is late.  I’ve heard that when severe drought conditions exist, nature postpones the rut, we’ll have to see about that.

Mickey Donahoo took one of our high school footballers out to get his first deer.  He was successful, bagging a spike.  The game cam, set on one-minute intervals, recorded this just before Ryan, a sophomore, wide out on the team, fired.

Because he had a 10:00 AM football meeting Saturday morning, we’re going to the playoffs again, we didn’t have time for a formal picture!

High winds plagued us Saturday morning. I was in a tripod stand and only saw one, young buck, a yearling and at first I thought it was a spike until looking closer saw he had 3 points on one side and a little fork on the other, so I passed on him.

Tim Albee came over to hunt Saturday afternoon, but wasn’t successful, still because of the high winds.  Likewise for Colton, between them they saw 1 deer.

Sunday morning was Church and the afternoon was spent admiring my brand new, great grandson, Bradley Scott Bryan III, he’s little now, but he comes from 2 family lines that are loaded with 6 footers and my guess is that he’ll be a big guy!  Here, I’m pictured with him.

Sunday afternoon, Randy and his daughter Rebekah tried their luck and her shot, taken at a big spike, must have hit the hog wire fence around the feeder and glanced off.  We looked until after dark with no results, even getting Spike, the wonder dog, pictured below, out to look.

Electrical storms are forecast for late Monday night and Tuesday and I’d hate to be caught up in a metal tripod during one of these!