Cornbread and Cream Gravy

My wife is kinda shy. She was afraid I would post this story on my blog, but I assured her that I wouldn’t.

But as I sat here tonight, I thought why not? She is really an excellent cook and that Sunday dinner was past good!

Sometimes something real simple turns out to be something great or a real memorable event. I had one occur to me on Sunday, April 22, 2007. The following is a tribute to some real good cooking!

Our son, Brad, had come over to our ranch on Saturday to help me with some chores and get some practice in for a 3 gun target shoot he was participating in the following Saturday. Layla and I thought he would spend the night, as he does many times, and that we would all go out to eat after Church on Sunday, so, for supper, from the freezer, she took out some Venison round steak and black eye peas I had put up the past summer. Supper would be great.

But, Brad told us he would have to decline spending the night since he needed to be at his Church on Sunday morning, so we all decided to go eat at Peabody’s Restaurant in Goldthwaite. After a very good meal Brad headed back to Copperas Cove and as Layla and I drove home, she said, “I’ll fix the peas and Venison tomorrow after we get back from Church. I think I’ll fix some cornbread too.”

After Church, as she was fixing dinner, I was thinking that cornbread and gravy doesn’t sound too good. Now greens and cornbread or a glass of milk with cornbread crumbled up in it would be real tasty, but gravy? She mentioned that she had heard once, long ago, of her relatives talking about cornbread and gravy and I told of hearing about cornbread and tomato gravy, but not cream gravy.

We Blessed the food and helped ourselves. After spooning out a nice portion of black eyes and getting several pieces of fried Venison, I sliced a medium piece of cornbread in half, covered it liberally with a portion of cream gravy and added plenty of black pepper and was about to be surprised. It seems that cornbread and cream gravy were meant for each other and fit in perfectly with the peas and Venison.

After seconds, I excused myself and told Layla what a good choice she made with the cornbread and gravy, how good it was and how I enjoyed myself, but wouldn’t some Peach cobbler just top it all off? She replied, “Count to ten when thinking about desert.”

Dieting and staying in playing shape just became harder. And just think, one more month and we will have fresh, home grown, peaches for our cobbler (to top off our cornbread and gravy).