The last couple of weeks several of my friends have sent me pictures of cats in the wild.

Dave Lazor started it with a picture of a big, mountain lion in central Washington. Dave and I spent a lot of time together playing senior softball and fishing for speckled trout, but he’s moved back home to Washington. No more speck fishing but the lucky guy gets to fish for steelheads and salmon!

A local Goldthwaite man, Clayton Gist, sent me a picture of a big, 28, pound, female Bobcat he trapped the last week of December. This is the second big one he has trapped in the past two months. November 30th I posted a story,{“Clayton’s Bobcat”} along with a picture of the cat.


Randy Pfaff followed these up with a picture of a fine, mountain lion he shot in Colorado. Randy was Warren Blesh’s guide for the nice muley that Warren shot in November and it was pictured along with several other pictures from Randy, in {“Pictures from Randy Pfaff, Outfitter, Colorado”.}

Mills County has a lot of sheep and goats and they draw bobcats like “flies to honey”. We have one that lives around our place and , maybe, I’ll get a shot at, or of it, this turkey/predator season?

And, we also have a lot of cattle and deer, and they draw mountain lions. The closest lion was killed 2 years ago about 20 miles south of my place. They haven’t moved any closer, but who knows, maybe this year?