Big ‘Uns

Wednesday evening, just before dark, I saw two very big bucks in the field behind my house. With my binocs, looking thru the picture window, my estimate was that both of them had a minimum of a 20” spread and had 10-12 points. Both looked like they had dead cedar trees on top of their heads. Having seen some nice bucks this year and even photographing one last week, these two are definitely “Muy Grande”!

Thursday evening, 30 minutes after the sun had gone down, I saw a small buck walking across the field behind my house and thought that I would sneak over to the old house, get my binocs’ and see what I could see. There were plenty of deer! I counted 21, with 3 or 4 small, bucks but no big ‘uns.

Last evening, Layla and I were returning from our town’s annual, “Meet The Eagles” event, where this year’s football teams, cheerleaders, twirlers and band are introduced. Looking out into the field, there stood both big ‘uns, not 50 yards out. They are magnificent deer!

I’ll start feeding corn and deer pellets next week. Luckily, I can buy bulk corn at $7.50 a hundred, while bagged corn is around $10.00 for 50 pounds. What a big deal?

You know, I think it’s terrible that our government has subsidized corn and driven the prices up so much! Ethanol is more of a problem than it’s worth! Sugar cane produces better ethanol, but we have import restrictions on cane! But that is “another story”.

These 2 big ‘uns have really stoked my fires for this year. Hopefully, and I say again, hopefully, I can at least, get a picture of one of them!