Bee Cave Bob

Our State Senate decided that since Pennsylvania is so far north, besides being a Yankee State, that if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not, our weather would be different. So, our Senate named Bee Cave Bob, an armadillo, as the State of Texas’ official weather prognosticator.

On February 2nd, Bee Cave Bob made his prediction, judged by three cowboys. This year it was determined by Bee Cave Bob that the our sovereign State Of Texas would have three more weeks of winter and a cool spell before Easter. Bee Cave Bob was almost right, because twenty-one days after his prognostication, it snowed as far south as Austin, but beginning March 1st we have had beautiful weather!

The temp has been in the seventies for the past week, the grass is green and growing and yesterday, as I was preparing to mow my two acre, yard, I noticed that my peach trees were blooming. For some reason my peach trees almost always bloom early, then get a good frost or freeze and have no crop in late May? But, if Bee Cave Bob is only predicting a cool spell before Easter, then my peaches will be OK!

In central Texas spring is almost here, cool mornings with warm afternoons, a bumper bluebonnet crop predicted, the senior softball season starts next week, spring turkey season kicks off on April 3 and our mesquite trees are getting ready to bloom. I’m thinking twice about buying a snow shovel!