Baptist Men’s Fellowship

Baptist Men’s Fellowship may seem to be a funny name for a fishing story, but, yesterday afternoon, Warren Blesh, owner of RRR Ranch, and a past contributor to this blog, hosted a fishing outing at his ranch for Goldthwaite’s First Baptist Church’s, men’s fellowship. He said, “My little lake needs some thinning out. There’s too many Bass in it!” Fifteen fishermen showed up and fished for 3-1/2 hours and “thinned” 60 pounds of Bass out of the little lake!

My first cast, with my trusty Piggy Boat, netted a hard strike and thrown hook. But cast number 3 resulted in this fat 1-1/2 pounder. The Piggy Boat is still in the Bass’ mouth!


Warren weighs in our catch. Sixty Pounds!


Warren and one of the fishermen, tie into a wonderful supper of bar-b-qued chicken, Elgin, Texas sausage, beans, potato salad, trimmings, roasted jalapenos and sweet tea. A note here, sausage from Elgin are the very best our State offers!


Relaxing on the porch, the last eager eater is finishing up, while the tall tales are just beginning.

We had a wonderful day for our fellowship, sunny with a light wind, good fishing and great food prepared by Chef Warren!

Praise the Lord!