As Big As Saucers

It is very interesting to watch a young persons development, especially boys playing baseball. Starting in tee ball their coach’s drill (better said, yell) into them, “watch the ball!”

I’m very lucky to have pictures of my Grandson, Wesley, as an eight year old, playing in his first tournament and his concentration, eyes as big as saucers, as he “watches the ball”.

Last Thursday I drove up to Paris and watched Wesley play in one of his league games and a real bonus for me, his Brother, Will, was playing in a “coach pitch” league. Will is learning, and soon he will “watch the ball!”
Will, has the basics of a good swing, but he has to “lock in” on the ball. However, he does like the sliding part of the game!

Wesley, now ten, led off the game and got behind with two quick strikes on him, but fouled off four pitches and earned a walk, later scoring. His next time up, he lined the first pitch into center driving in a run. His eyes are still locked on the ball and I bet there’re as “big as saucers”!