An Update On Brad

From experience and talking with families of cancer patients I knew, and Layla and I had discussed, the inevitable ups and downs to be encountered with Brad’s cancer challenge. In my life, I thought I had experienced the ultimate in highs and lows, but the past 5 days with Brad’s contracting pneumonia along with a lung infection and pleurisy dropped me to the bottom.

The doctors were very concerned, one, because of the severity of his condition, and, two, because his special trial chemo program at M.D.Anderson was scheduled to begin yesterday and they believed that speed was most important in attacking his cancer! Besides these concerns, Brad’s fever had been over 100 for 10 days, he was continuously coughing, and couldn’t take a deep breath.

His condition was bad, but in the face of this adversity his faith, strength and courage remained unshaken! Our family, our Churches, friends and even folks that had never met Brad continued their fervent, believer’s prayers, and yesterday afternoon I saw our Lord at work!

Brad looked good, his fever was gone, he was up and walking around and best, his doctors said they could beat the infection in 7 to 10 days instead of the original estimate of 2 + weeks, and chemo treatments could begin immediately after that.

Brad told me that he was certainly blessed by our Lord and that his struggle is his testimony for the Lord’s work!

Praise the Lord!

Everyone keep praying for Brad.