An Update On Brad, December 24, 2008

Our family received a wonderful Christmas present last Friday. Brad, on his way to Georgia, to visit friends and to go hunting, called to let me know that his Oncologist had called to tell him that again this month, his X-rays, CT scan and MRI showed no cancer spread or growth. Earlier in December Brad had a bronchoscopy of both lungs and the Doctor was thrilled at his progress. December of ‘07, when Brad was so sick with pneumonia, this same Doc had given Brad less than a month to live.

Brad told me then, “Dad, don’t worry about my condition, because I will either see one of two miracles. One miracle will be that I’ll be cured, or the other miracle will be that I’ll see Jesus!” From that minute on Brad’s condition has improved!

Thanks to everyone for praying for Brad and please keep him in your prayers and on your Church’s prayer lists.

God’s will, will be done with Brad!

Merry Christmas, Jon and Layla