A Sweaty Hunt

Last Saturday evening, with the temperature still hovering around 95, I snuck into one of my deer blinds just to see what I could see. Packing my trusty .17 HMR, I was looking for a stray predator, but with a full moon and the temperature, my chances of seeing anything were slim.

In the picture, notice how green and lush the cover looks, but in reality, our area is locked in a severe drought!

There was a nice breeze, but my ghillie coat was blocking most of it, and the sweat was pouring off of me as I sat and saw nothing! Right at dusk, I half-heartedly blew two rounds of an injured rabbit call, not expecting results and none presented themselves. My sweaty frame of mind didn’t “excite” my confidence much!

I’ll keep trying! Just think, it’ll start to cool off in about 3 months!