A Successful Deer Season

Our deer season closed this past Sunday and my family did our part to thin out the deer herd in Mills County, Texas. Our freezers have a lot of deer for the off season; Brad with 2 does and one spike; Jon with 2 bucks; Randy with the largest buck shot, a 15 pointer and a spike, and Colton with a doe. We had one guest that shot a medium buck.

We didn’t take pictures of Colton and Brad’s deer, but Randy’s buck, pictured with my Grandson, Sean, was a nice one!

I shot 2 bucks, one a cull deer with 3 legs

And the other, a heavy, 8 pointer.

Later in the season, Tim, one of Brad’s Army buddies, and a Wounded Warrior shot this 8 pointer.

This year we had a lot of fun, fellowship and some good hunting! Changes are in the wind from our State relating to a minimum spread for buck’s horns. This has spread across our State and resulted, where implemented, in less bucks being killed, but the ones killed were bigger.