A Really Good Sunday Dinner

Last week, Tuesday, January 14, I went fishing in Rockport, Texas.  For the time of year we did very well, catching 6 speckled trout and 3 black drum, the drum, probably the best eating fish on the Gulf Coast. The specks were all over 15 inches (the minimum size limit) and the drum, 14 inchers, although we threw back some keepers, boys will be boys you know!  Fishing with my cousin George we almost always do good.

Anyway, on Wednesday night I baked 3 pieces of the drum and they exceeded my fondest dreams!  Randy came up on Saturday, the last 2 days of 2013 and 2014 deer season, he hunted Saturday with no luck, but Sunday afternoon he shot a spike, however the highlight of his stay in Goldthwaite wasn’t the buck he shot, but the trout and black drum we baked on Sunday afternoon, picture follows.

The entre was fresh Gulf Trout and Black Drum, with baked potato and slaw.  We tried a red wine, merlot, which was excellent by the way, and finished the meal with a sugar cookie (my favorite).  Usually with fish I serve a white wine, chardonnay or chenin blanc  my personal choice, but the wine melded with the fish.

This was a $30.00 meal, including the wine, not bad for a deer camp!