A New Rifle

Having just purchased a new Remington .243, this past Monday I was on-line shopping for rifle ammo. Googling “rifle ammo” up popped some familiar names, but one, The Sportsmen’s Guide was new to me. Not only, did I find the .243 Remington [ammo] that I was looking for, but also, I found that their price for this product was low, extremely low!

Normally I shoot and reload a .270 and that will remain my primary rifle for our Texas hill country deer, but since I haven’t purchased bulk bullets yet, I’ll order the [ammo] from Sportsmen’s Guide and go ahead and sight it in with store bought. We’re almost overrun with varmints, see my posts on November 8, 2010, “[Opening Day]” and January 21, 2010, “[Deer Season Ends]”, the .243 will be great for anything around here including hogs and coyotes.