Food Plots

Hoping for rain, Saturday, October 1st, I planted 2 food plots, one by the Porta Potty blind and the other by a tree stand.  This was not just “another” tree stand, but one that, in the past, has produced some nice bucks, see my post “[Rattled In]” on November 10, 2007.

Since I had finished spreading the seed, which was a can’t miss deer attractor (aren’t they all!), I had already drug my rake, a real contraption made with a 6 foot piece of hog wire with a hundred pound cedar post attached on top of the wire, over the Porta Potty plot and was raking the tree stand plot when disaster struck.  On my knees, I attempted to move the rake slightly, it moved slightly, but during the move I pulled both quad muscles in my back, putting me in bed for 3 days!

During my recovery, early on the morning of the 9th,  Layla and I were awakened by thunder, lightning and rain, not just rain, but a flooding rain, of course, it hadn’t been forecasted to hit us, but to remain in far west Texas.  My first thoughts were, Thank you Lord for bringing us rain and my second was I hope the rain doesn’t wash out my food plots.

These pictures show both plots, the one by the Porta Potty blind survived and is flourishing, while the other taken from the tree stand is mostly, washed out. I say, “Flourishing”, but what I really mean is that we still need rain badly, even with the 6 incher we received on the 9th, our water table remains over 19 inches down!

It looks like I’ll have to replant the one food plot.